Artificial Intelligence

we research and develop AI applications that help you save money and time.Your staff will be able to work towards improving guest experience as they are relieved from other tasks by AI. Since human involvement is less for the process of taking orders and making table reservations,it will help with cost cutting on the staff.Since most of the ordering process takes place through machines ,the chances of miscommunications are very less.The major applications of AI in our Tailor made AI restaurant management system includes Kiosks, Virtual personal assistants, Chatbots and Data analytics. 1.AI Kiosks: Our AI-driven kiosks and Virtual assistants make ordering process simpler for the customers and communicate directly with the Kitchen staff. This efficient method drastically cuts down the food preparation and delivery time. Based on customer psychology and buying patterns, our AI s make upsell suggestions to boost impulse purchases 2.Virtual Personal Assistants:Our AI powered Virtual assistants collect all kinds of important data from the customers as well as the restaurant, which include the face, distance, waiting times, menus, locations, and take intelligent decisions. Beacon technology is used to generate data for AI. 3.Data Analytics .Our AI system can create useful knowledge from your raw dataset. Your bluetooth beacons, social media accounts and websites generate a lot of data and it is hard to find out the insights. Our AI system can find out insights that will help you increase sales and profit. Contact us for More details